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When we say “Precision is the name and the heart of our company,” we mean it. At SNG Precision Machining, our team is dedicated to ensuring the parts we machine are precisely and perfectly cut every time. Whether we’re machining dental tools, aerospace components or parts for surgical robotics, each and every part is machined to last. At SNG we’re always looking for innovative ways to improve overall part builds and quality control on our machine shop floor. That internal drive, to always put quality first, lead us to apply for an industry recognized standard of excellence: an ISO certification.

For more than 15 years, at SNG, we’ve perfected our quality control processes to ensure manufacturers are given the parts they need, the way they need them. In 2010, SNG Precision Machining received an ISO 9001 certification in quality management for that work and our quality-first approach to machining. For an ISO 9001 certificate, ISO demanded the highest level of quality control, a machining portfolio of projects that exceeded customer expectations and clear strategic path for constant process improvement. We’re proud to have met and exceeded the ISO standards for quality management in machining.

ISO certifications are provided by the International Organization for Standardization, an independent, non-governmental organization that sets standards for world-class services and products across the world. ISO certifications focus on established business practices, how a business plans to maintain excellent standards, and how they plan to improve the quality of work with time. There are many types of certifications a company can be awarded by ISO on everything from food safety to environmental sustainability.

As an ISO: 9001 certified machining shop, manufacturers know they can rely on SNG Precision Machining to CNC Milling,CNC Turning,Metal Stamping and Sheet Metal Fabrication parts. We are your partners in quality machining. Interested in learning about our machining services?

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