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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

SNG has the ability to form, draw and assemble small to large sheet metal fabrication assemblies that our three CNC turret presses and fiber optic laser produce. We have a large welding department, assisted by robotic welding capabilities, for all your assembly and fabrication needs. SNG also has the ability to handle your cosmetic needs using finishing techniques performed by our skilled personnel and our straight-line sanding machines.

Sheet metal fabrication involves manufacturing components by way of manipulating sheet metal. This is accomplished by first laser cutting or turret punching the material, precision metal forming, bending, and rolling of the sheet metal, and welding. SNG produces sheet metal fabrication parts and assemblies across many markets, from medical and technology to heavy equipment.

SNG is your one stop manufacturing for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Here at SNG we want to be your one stop manufacturing for sheet metal fabrication and provide you with turnkey parts. We provide inclusive, comprehensive solutions, not limited to sheet metal fabrication, metal precision stamping and engineering prototype services.

SNG takes pride in providing top quality secondary operations to assist in the completeness of all of our manufacturing services. To achieve this, SNG has established a network of proven supplier partnerships, including, but not limited to, powder coating,pad printing, silk screening,plating, anodizing, machining, and many other secondary operations.

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