SNG Precision Machining


            WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO?

SNG Precision Machining, we  are a manufacturer, specialized in machined

cnc components,metal stamping and metal fabrication.We serve the

Automotive,Aerospace,Defense, Medical etc and Food production


                        OUR MISSION

SNG mission is to machine prefect quality components parts through our

technology and experience, precision is our goal and we work diligent day

by day to only achieve the trust from our customers all over the world. We

hold ourselves and our clients to the absolute highest of standard.

                              WHY SNG

SNG precision machining

We combines the latest machining technology with highly skilled machinists.

We responsive customer service and creative innovation to meet even the most stringent requirements.

We dedicated to quality products, on-time delivery, and fair pricing guarantees.

We understand the importance of agility, adaptability, and profitability when it comes to  running a business, with our more than 15 years experience.

Will you ready let SNG become a valuable asset to your machined parts, any machined related to metal stamping, cnc precision machining, metal fabrication, please contact.